Amazing, Beautifull, Constructed, Dreams, Ephemeral, ....... Valiant, Wonderfull, Xtraordinary, Y Zen destroy them?

1900bp stands for 1900 Buildings Preservation

This blog was set up as a device to launch a campaign against the often conscious and deliberate destruction of some amazing old buildings that are part of our common human heritage.


Golden Hotel?

This little shop at the entrance of the building defies valiantly the claim of the hotel and the laws of logic. This is Talaat Harb, or Soliman Pasha Street, downtown Cairo, in what used to be one of the most "fashionable" neighborhoods in Cairo. How this ever happened or been allowed to happen is one of those strange events. I wonder when the nameless shop owner is going to notice the other side of the door and start making use of it too. I know for a fact that he is looking for a bigger space and I think he tried with every "responsible" for a building in his neighborhood to take "permission" to build a little "vetrina"(display) in the entrance of the building ... for now he is still searching, but for how long will he still search until he finds and he does, and one more old building having to bear the mark and pay the price. I believe that perseverance is the key word in an illogical world ...
May we all persevere in more positive and constructive ways

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