Amazing, Beautifull, Constructed, Dreams, Ephemeral, ....... Valiant, Wonderfull, Xtraordinary, Y Zen destroy them?

1900bp stands for 1900 Buildings Preservation

This blog was set up as a device to launch a campaign against the often conscious and deliberate destruction of some amazing old buildings that are part of our common human heritage.


Five Hundred

One month already, the Facebook Cause was launched, and we are nearing the 500 recruits. 500 people who took the time at least to join the cause. Many using up even more time to invite friends and those in turn taking the time to join in. I want to thank every one of them for their time and effort. Presented like this we have reasons to celebrate, In a month we launched a cause, and a blog and we have recruited a fair amount of people. Things seem to be heading in the right direction.

However, what I find amazing and a bit worrying is that people do join the cause silently. 500 people who uttered 17 remarks on the wall. Even the people who took the time to invite their friends and to recruit people to the cause are just joining in silently as if they are entering a Cathedral or a Mosque for a funeral. Maybe am I slightly unfair as discussions are quite hot on the Cairo Heritage group but I have the feeling people are joining in with no real hope that anything is going to happen. As if they only join so as to reassure themselves that they are not responsible for what is happening and as if to make a statement that when asked for their opinion they would object.

Let's be positive! This is already a tremendous first step, and any long march starts with one tiny step.

Please feel free to comment either here, on the cause page or in the group. Please join us and let's organize ourselves so that at least we inform each other of what happens and when it does. Official media and newspapers are not enough as I know for a fact that many have quit reading newspapers.

I suggest pictures of dismantled buildings or in the process of dismantling being posted wherever and whenever is possible, together with a short history of the building. The reasons of its historical or architectural relevance.

As Mustafa Kamel said: "Life is senseless with despair and
Despair is senseless with life."

Links to the group and the cause are available on our previous post.

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