Amazing, Beautifull, Constructed, Dreams, Ephemeral, ....... Valiant, Wonderfull, Xtraordinary, Y Zen destroy them?

1900bp stands for 1900 Buildings Preservation

This blog was set up as a device to launch a campaign against the often conscious and deliberate destruction of some amazing old buildings that are part of our common human heritage.



Why was this blog started?
I really do not know ...
It all started with a discussion in a group on Facebook. A group whose main topic of discussion is how to try and preserve some of the endangered historical buildings.

As I felt there was an actual concern about those buildings and out of a genuine concern after the final dismantling of this amazing "Villas jumelles" that used to be a school at a point, or the even less understandable dismantling of the Abou el Ela bridge and its disappearance. I thought about launching a cause again on Facebook to see how many are we that are really concerned and who might given the right informations at the right time try their best to prevent such "crimes" .
Somehow, the cause has become a success and has been growing steadily since its launching. It is true that there are no specific plans as yet in order for us to make our voices heard, but in union lies strength .
The next logical step was to launch a blog which eventually might become an "official" voice opposing uncalled for dismantling and eventually to pressure towards restoration of such buildings. And what I personally mean by restoring is not the slightly incredible Walt Disney revamping that happens these days in Islamic or Coptic Cairo.

I do not understand for example the glass veranda on this under restoration building nor why the originally unpainted Stones have been painted in a creamy color that will probably be dirty yellow when it is time for a highly mediatized re inauguration.
Finally, I still mourn the Mohamed Ali Stables in "Beau Lac"that are supposedly under restoration but somehow I doubt it will ever go back to its former glory fearing it will will suffer the same indignity as this British Building that I think was the Gaz company in Abdel Moneim Ryad square whose facade stood for a few years after the building was dismantled raising hopes that it would be kept. But then all of a sudden this standing facade was not standing anymore. Same thing happened to the Matatia Building and I am now really worried about the rest of the Attaba Square. First on the line will probably be the central post office specially after the revamping of all Post offices unless it is the Tiring building that goes first.
I actually hope that this nightmare of mine will never come true...

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Yasso said...

Actually, as it seems, "beau lac" turned out to be an urban myth. I found some 14th and 15th century maps of Egypt pointing out the location of بولاق way before any contact with the "Franks" :-)
What Bulaq means is something that yet needs to be discovered!
However, I've managed to figure out what Dakrour means (as in: Bulaq el Dakrour). The original name of Dakrour was Takrour until not long ago. Takrour turned out to be the ancient name of the area where Sudan lies. Apparently, during Fatimid times, a group of "Takrouri" students came to study at the Azhar and formed a community in that area that was eventually named after them. There is also a sheikh el Tarouri tomb (several hundred years old) that turned out to be in the garden of the botanical museum today (you can see a glimpse of it if you drive through El Batal Ahmed Abdel-Aziz street right before getting on the October bridge)... So many secrets are hidden in this incredible Cairo!!